Writing and Gardening

Writing and gardening, these two ways of rendering the world in rows, have a great deal in common.
— Michael Pollan

Hello Plant and See community!  I hope that you've found our new website to be easy to navigate and enjoyable to view.  This section of the website is a blog where I will write about current happenings around the nursery and post gardening tips, specials, new arrivals, and more.

With my recent return to the nursery, I have been allowing myself to embrace my nostalgia by going through old photos.  I essentially grew up at Plant and See- we lived on the property until I was 6 with my grandmother, uncle, and Great Aunt as our neighbors and even when we moved a few miles down the road I spent most days after school at the nursery.  Some of my favorite times at the nursery were special occasions like Mother's Day and the 4th of July when Plant and See would have live music, food and drinks, and one of my parent's friends walking around on stilts.  I would love to be able to help bring these sorts of community events back, so hopefully I will be adding information about events to this section of the website in the near future! 

I'd also love to use this medium to hear from you!  For starters, comment below to let us know what you'd love to see in Plant and See's future- Classes? Events? Music? Field trips? Partnerships? Let's dream big together and see what we can do!   Again, I'm so excited to be here and am looking forward to where this new adventure will take us!

- Lindsay